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Jesse James is a lot of things, but politically correct is not one of them. He is what he is, and he does what ik speel machines garage does. He is the quintessential outlaw biker, and he plays by his own rules. The popularity of the show, in fact, has elevated the year-old James to near rock-star status.

People magazine even dubbed him one of the sexiest men alive recently — further proof of his celebrity. It seems everyone wants to be a biker these days, or at least look like one. And for a mere 24 bucks, anyone can show off their outlaw tendencies with an original West Coast Choppers Iron Cross T-shirt.

Growing up with such a legendary name understandably brought with it in a certain level of abuse. The young Jesse found himself inexplicably drawn to the bikes and machinery next door. He would sneak into the machine shop and watch as the lathes and mills transformed chunks of ik speel machines garage into motorcycle parts.

I was like four or five years old when I was around that. And the smell, you know? Cutting oil and stuff like that.

By the age of 7, Jesse had a motorcycle of his own: I probably shoulda been doing homework. By 9, he was already developing his fabrication source marketing ik speel machines garage. He took an old s Schwinn Straight Bar bicycle, customized it, added new chrome and pinstriping, and then sold it at an antiques show for a considerable profit.

Jesse continued his habit of learning things the hard way throughout his teens. Unlike his namesake, though, who continued his life of crime until he was murdered by a member of his own gang at the age of 34, the modern-day Jesse James saw the error of his ways before it was too late. Your hall pass is over. And the only way he could afford that was by doing everything — the bodywork, the paint, the engine — himself. Jesse continued ik speel machines garage his skills after high school, building bikes for himself and for friends.

You work in your garage. And, you know, I kind of knew: Even though I had a good job doing something else, working for other places, I always knew that West Coast Choppers was gonna be it. That was my dream. Jesse trained to become a professional bodyguard, and over the next several years, he traveled the country as hired muscle for such big-name bands as Soundgarden, Slayer and Danzig.

He continued building bikes between gigs. He was making good money as a bodyguard, but motorcycles remained his passion. After sustaining a dislocated elbow during a concert in Detroit, Jesse decided to give up his career as ik speel machines garage bodyguard and pursue his dream of having his own shop. Unlike most people who start a new business, Jesse refused to take out a loan or solicit investors to finance his venture.

For his education, Jesse sought out some of the top names in the industry, including master metalsmith Fay Butler, custom hot-rod builder Boyd Coddington and Ron Simms, eine speelautomaten voor kinderen om winkelcentra und of Simms Custom Cycles.

It was a mix of old-school hand-fabrication methods and modern machining techniques. Jesse worked with Boyd for about two years before going out on his own. West Coast Choppers became a reality in As West Coast Choppers continued to grow, Jesse stayed true to his business plan, always working hard and pumping every dime back into the company. Those investments paid off. Despite his new celebrity status, and the demands placed on him by Monster Garage, Jesse is still very hands-on when it comes to building custom bikes and designing new products.

When Jesse builds a custom bike, he wants it to be a reflection of the person who ordered it. Not everything West Coast Chopper produces is custom, though. The company also manufactures three production frames, several exhaust systems, go here assortment of front and rear fenders, and myriad aftermarket accessories, such as air cleaners, belt guards, pulley covers, kickstands and handlebars.

The manufacturing side of West Coast Choppers is a unique blend of old-world metalworking and high-precision CNC machining. Sheet metal and tubing for fenders, tanks and exhaust systems are painstakingly shaped by hand and sculpted to fit perfectly.

Frames are carefully assembled and meticulously welded. Power hammers, grinders ik speel machines garage saws produce a constant deafening roar. At the same time, the Haas CNC machines are busy click to see more out all of the components that require precision machining. It makes a better end product.

I think a bike should be fifty-fifty: Jesse also learned that buying used equipment could be more hassle than it was ik speel machines garage. You know, this one was down, that one was down. I just want a new one that I can just make shit with and not have to worry about it.

The first CNC at West Coast Choppers was installed in The CNC programming duties at Click the following article Coast Choppers are handled by Michael Warth, a skilled machinist with 18 years of experience running machines, and 12 years of experience programming them.

The rest is history; here I am. Whereas, in aerospace, you ik speel machines garage a blueprint that gives you specifications that you casino land voor geld forum to hold. Which is exactly how Jesse likes it: I have to try to bring the two things together and merge them into one.

Sometimes he draws right on the tables out here, and I have casino Palace hoe om van Spin geld site go out and look at the table, and then go back to the computer and design it.

Behandlung automatische geldinzameling Spritzen and I go back and forth with dimensions and stuff like that.

Warth designs primarily in MasterCam, but uses SolidWorks for the more complex parts, such ik speel machines garage wheels, or when designing linkages and assemblies. All of the wheels, though, I design in solid, because solids are easier to deal with, ik speel machines garage far as manipulation of the shape. The operators can get everything they want, whenever they want it. They can pull the files right off my computer. Having been on the receiving end of questionable programming, Warth is very conscientious about what he gives the guys who run the machines.

Ik speel machines garage put the part on, they load my program and they run it. His latest project is machining some very unique wheels. The results were disastrous. When we had this web page wheels anodized, it read more up. Considering the wheels were for a prototype concept bike for Honda, Jesse was not pleased.

He told Warth to find link machine that would allow them to do the wheels completely in-house. It will do the turning work, plus we can come in and machine it in ik speel machines garage same rig. The rear wheel starts out as a pound block of aluminum, and the material for the front wheel weighs in at about pounds.

The finished weight of the rear is about 58 pounds, and the ik speel machines garage comes in article source 48 pounds. The front wheel is by far the ik speel machines garage of the two to machine. Everything is done using the taper live tooling on the VTC.

So I go into turning on the rear wheel. I come in with an OD turning tool, and I just step it and article source it down to the diameter I want. It takes a hundred steps — a hundred cuts — to get there, but it does it great. The wheels are rough machined first, and then sent out for heat treatment and stress relief. Cycle times are measured in days, rather than hours.

Although the VTC is a turning center, Warth prefers to use a mill post-processor for his programming; he makes extensive use of the Cartesian-to-polar interpolation feature of the Haas control. I modified the mill post a little bit to put the codes out ik speel machines garage way I wanted it to. Jesse has no interest in high-volume manufacturing. It just separates us that much farther, you know.

One of the definitions of the word outlaw is source person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group: That pretty much sums up Jesse James, and it seems to be working for him. The success of West Coast Choppers is undeniable.

Haas have given us some CNC control simulators, so our students can test their programming skills without the danger of crashing one of our real Haas machines. The training that Haas offers has proved invaluable both to students and staff. The machine has been faultless ever since. If we ever have a problem, the Haas service engineers are with us within 24hrs. For example, the other day, one of our machines was showing a low oil pressure warning.

The service engineer arrived early the next day and fitted a new pump. To give an example; one of our operators knocked the spindle on our SL lathe out of alignment. The Haas service engineer was here the following day, with all the parts he needed and fixed the machine. This honest philosophy, together with realistically priced spare parts ans highly competent staff make the upkeep of even our older machines viable.

I look forward to many more years dealing with Haas. Home About Us CNC Verticals CNC Horizontals CNC Turning Centres Rotary Tables and Indexers Diamond Cut Wheel Lathes Service and Support Education Used Ik speel machines garage Exhibitions Request a Brochure Finance Customer Success Stories Tips and Tricks Recruitment Contact Us. Ik speel machines garage Not Read This Story!

EXPLICIT CONTENT Jesse James is a lot of things, but politically correct is not one of them. I fully recommend Haas.

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